Days Pass; Mail Can’t Arrive Soon Enough

I’ve almost gathered all of the pieces of the puzzle necessary for me to unlock an even bigger puzzle with smaller pieces that fit together in much more complicated ways. And the hardest part about this puzzle within a puzzle is surely going to be the fact that it can actually be solved in many different ways, but some ways are more efficient and elegant than others, ultimately having an impact on the final product’s overall aesthetic.

Are you feeling quite done with me speaking in metaphors? Yeah, so am I. But I don’t want to reveal too much, though you’ve probably already figured it out by now through collective context clues scattered throughout this blog as well as the many other sites I frequent. Those following along probably know that I’ve taken a drastic turn in my creative endeavors at this point. Not long ago you saw me posting about mostly music-related artifacts, hinting to my aspiring to find the instrument I was born to play so that I may one day become great. After that, you can probably recall a time I was contemplating very deeply yet another potential novel series I wanted to write (of which is pretty much storyboarded/frame-worked, and simply needs to be fleshed out (but of course, I never got that far before moving onto something else (like always (this shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore)))).

I wonder what it is I could be up to this time. It’s obvious to most, but for the few still lost, I’m gonna let you hang for a bit longer. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. (Or rather, I don’t want to get your hopes up again when it turns out I get bored very quickly and move onto yet another aspiration.)

In any case, I have a few more items arriving in the mail soon (two of which are current-aspiration related, the other last-last-aspiration-related/music-related). I can’t wait to try something new. Who knows? Maybe this turns out to be the thing I was born to do. Only one way to find out…