Press release from Anonymous.
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Proof Anonymous Hacked the PSN?

So there’s a lot of fuss going on amongst the Twittersphere that hacktivist collective “Anonymous" are the ones responsible for the SONY PlayStation Network security breach that’s been making news headlines lately.

Why are people so quick to blame Anonymous? Oh, right, because SONY allegedly found a file that was allegedly left on their servers by the alleged aforementioned “Anonymous” called, “Anonymous.txt,” and contained simply the phrase, “We are Legion.”

Obivously this must be proof that Anonymous really are the culprits! Right? Right?!


Please. How ignorant can you sheeple be? Ya know what? I’ll be right back…

*Goes to my root folder. Creates a new file. Names it “Anonymous.txt.” Types the sentence “We are Legion.” Presses Ctrl+S.*

Okay, I’m back. *Gasp!* What’s this?! There’s a file in the root folder of my computer! *Double gasp!* It says “Anonymous.txt!” *Triple gasp!* It says “We are Legion!”


I hope you’ve learned something from all of this, folks. It doesn’t take but five seconds to create such a file. There’s no proof this was left by Anonymous. In fact, the file could’ve been (and most likely was) planted by SONY itself so they’d have someone to blame for this mess they’ve made. Tsk, tsk. It’s called a “scapegoat,” ladies and gentlemen, and you all fell for it—hook, line, and sheeple.