I seriously don’t even know where to begin with this guy. I could write a several-page report on all the reasons why he is an idiot. But honestly, I think it all comes down to a generation gap. He’s simply too old to understand why games matter. Every single thing he said could be easily refuted.

The two lines that stand-out most to me are, “[Why would I want to watch other people play video games?] It’s boring. Extremely boring.” and “Childhood issues aside, if video games themselves are notorious time-wasters, why exactly would someone want to watch someone else waste their time?” I don’t know, why do millions of people do exactly that via ESPN or FOX or any other sports network? I find watching people play golf and football boring too, but you don’t see me airing that opinion on TV, do ya?

Games are now recognized as sports, much to the chagrin of jocks everywhere. There’s even a university which will grant students scholarships who rank highly in eSports like League of Legends. If you dare to call video games “notorious time-wasters,” then you must believe that all other sports are just that as well. Else, you would be hypocrite.

As far as I’m concerned, your video was the REAL time-waster here, Luke Burbank. Do us all a favor and get off CBS. Your closed-minded opinions are not beneficial, nor welcome in our world any longer. The times have changed. Learn from history: all those who tried to fight against the changing tides always ended up buried.



Snorlax is fuckin’ beast, son. Respect, yo.



Walmart Mario Kart vine

His name was once Dr. John Kitchin.

This man quit a six-figure job, gave away multiple expensive cars, sold his mansion, and essentially gave up everything the “American Dream” says we should all want, just so he could skate every day.

Now he is called Slomo — the man who escaped a lifetime of servitude.

This man is living the real dream, folks.

Learn from him.



I love Domics.


An owl gets inside the house. The Owl Whisperer™ tries to get it back outside again. x




I feel like this video is a good summary of the constant terror that internet creative types live in, and is important for said creative types as well as folks who consume creative content created by others to consider.

If you ever meet a “famous” person in real life, keep these things in mind. People are rarely as asinine as you think based on rumor. In this day and age, we need to have a kind of internet-etiquette that includes separating conversations about people from conversations about symbols. Otherwise you might do one of these two things

1) shit on a person disproportionate to what they’ve said or done

2) Ignoring the problem you were actually upset with in favor of lashing the horse pulling your hate-bandwagon.

I’m no exception. I’ve said crap to people in private. But the more visible I become, the more I recognize what it’s like on the other side of the conflict. And the more I try to distinguish my opinions about things from opinions about people. ESPECIALLY as I enter the professional animation sphere.

Well this is really sad. I’d always liked seeing Phil’s stuff on dA, and I’d wondered why he’d stopped posting. Guess now I know.

Reblogging this video again, this time without my giant wall of text (sorry about that), as it discusses something more people should be aware of, especially if you intend on entering (or are already in) a creative field.




this is a very very important video. please watch this.

this is super important just to the internet as a whole

Even if you’ve got no clue who the hell Phil Fish is please watch this video

And this is part of the reason for my own self-sabotage. Half of the reason I am intensely afraid of publishing any of my written works is because, “What if one of them makes me famous?” Being famous is supposed to be a good thing, right? Something to work hard to achieve — an obvious marker of success. Like, “If you became famous, you have become successful.” Because how can we measure “success” in any other way? Any other way would not have empirical forms of measurement.

How many people are talking about you = empirical success.

The only other way to measure success would be monetarily:

How much money you make = empirical success.

But these two things usually come hand-in-hand — see Pewdiepie for reference — so stating them separately doesn’t really make them separate.

As someone with a mental illness, one which has a direct link to how I interact with others, I don’t think I would react to being famous well. I’m not a good actor, so it wouldn’t be possible for me to act like someone I’m not, hiding behind a character the way Pewdiepie does. I’m severely introverted, only leave the house when forced to do so (usually for work (to make money (to survive)) otherwise to purchase items I can’t reliably get online (like food (also to survive))), and otherwise avoid people in general. I have telecommuniphobia as well, essentially making it difficult to interact with people in any other form but through text here on the Internet, the way I have been doing for years. Toss onto that a form of automobilaphobia, and as you can imagine, my life isn’t exactly easy.

Just landing the crappy job I have now was hard enough. Had to be a place that was close enough to walk to (difficult due to living in a rural town which is spread thin), didn’t require too much interaction with others (there goes all fast-food jobs and tech support), and didn’t require the use of a telephone (there goes call centers and telemarketing). That narrowed down my job search to basically two options: a factory a couple miles away, and a Walmart about seven-tenths of a mile away. I’d had factory positions before, and while I held my own well enough, I didn’t feel particularly well-suited to those jobs. So, hit up Walmart to see if they had any cart-pusher or overnight stocker positions open, as those wouldn’t have me dealing with customers very often.

The job interview was actually more difficult for me than the job itself, as it required the use of a phone to set up the date for it. XD Anyway, got the overnight stocker position and have been there for two years now. The pay is significantly worse than what I would’ve gotten from a factory position, but I needed the change of pace and more job security — got laid off from my previous jobs, as factory managers are cheapskates and only hire temporarily. Even Walmart only hires temporarily these days though…got lucky by getting in earlier before that shift in store policy happened.

As previously hinted to, I’m not planning on staying at Walmart much longer. By December, I’ll be quitting to pursue a creative career. It’s probably the dumbest thing I could possibly do, but it’s a necessary sacrifice.

As I told my best friend on Facebook (omitting his responses):

" " " "

I’m thinking of doing something really drastic.

It might even ruin my life.

I’m gonna save up like, six months’ worth of money to live off of. At which point, I’m going to quit my job and focus on just creating awesome shit.

That will give me a terrifying time limit.

A “you have six months to make something of yourself, or you’re fucked,” kind of ultimatum.

I got this idea because, the last times I finished neat stuff, it was because I forced myself using torturous tactics. I starved myself until I finished producing that one song two years ago, for example.

I think I need that. I need that Fear. A TRUE Fear. Something that isn’t just all in my head. Something REAL. Something which could seriously hurt me.

The point is, it’s a Fear that will surpass even my Fear of failure (and my Fear of grand success). That’s the only way I’ll finish anything.

So I’ll give myself a six-month limit once I’ve saved up the money. It will force me to ration my funds (and food), to work hard as hell to succeed. It has the bonus of making sure I’m not spending anything except on things I ABSOLUTELY NEED.

It’s the perfect plan.

But it could ruin me.

That’s the risk/reward relationship I must court.

This is the life I must lead.

Yeah, it IS insane. It’s really, really stupid. I wouldn’t advise anyone, anywhere to try something like this. But it’s just stupid enough to work for me. :B

It HAS to work. Because I won’t have a choice. ;)

I’ve been in a rut too long. This is just the kick in the ass I need.

That’s the point of no return for me. Gonna save until I’ve got juuust enough. After which, my job is gone, my safety net is gone, the time limit starts. The real battle begins — a battle of life and death!

Okay, well, maybe not death. I’m sure a family friend would lend me enough to last me until I get a new job, but that’s NOT AN OPTION. I don’t want to go back to this life I’m living now. I want my dream job, to create. The only way I’ll ever get rid of my Fear of failure/success, which has been holding me back for all these years, is to FORCE it out of me with an even GREATER Fear. Losing all of my money, all of my assets, having to sell off my cool stuff to make end’s meet… if that doesn’t work, nothing will.

I shall call it: Operation All or Nothing | Do or Die!

" " " "

As mentioned above, half of the reason I am intensely afraid of publishing any of my written works is because, “What if one of them makes me famous?” The other half of the reason is because, “What if none of them even get noticed?” I have both a Fear of failure and a Fear of success. A one-two combo which assures my fate: I will always amount to nothing, because I am too afraid to act.

I quote the band Train a lot. Many people know me as the guy who puts “It’s not just a daydream if you decide to make it your life,” in all of his forum signatures. I did this because I thought if I surrounded myself by an inspiring message, it would eventually compel me to act. Well, I guess it finally worked after all these years. Here comes another lyric, compliments of Train's 'Drops of Jupiter': “A story about a man who was too afraid to fly so he never did land." I refuse to let that lyric be my life’s story. I refuse to hang in suspended animation, not doing anything because Fear keeps holding me back. I can’t keep living like this. It isn’t even living, it’s just surviving. I don’t want to merely survive, I want to thrive! I hold onto my safety net for dear life, but what will I do when I am jettisoned into the air and my safety net burns away beneath me?

What’s the whole point of reblogging this? It’s to remind me that do or die time will soon arrive. And to remind me to think long and hard about how I present myself in the public eye. The public shall determine whether I live through my creations or die trying. 

November or December: one of these months marks the time my safety net burns away and I am forced to make a living by my own creations. I don’t want to keep surviving the way I’ve been for all these years. I want to make something of myself. Failure…success…I’ve never known either of these, because I was too afraid to even try. Fear rules me. Fear determines every choice I make. If Fear is keeping me bound to this wretched life, then Fear can also be my way out of it!

When this year ends, the plan shall be set in motion.

Your move, Fear. Your move.


And that ends yet another giant wall of text via stream of consciousness by yours truly. Sorry about that; I know most of you don’t give a shit. :P

I’ll reblog some Pokemon stuff or something to make up for it. :3 




dogs dealing with cats sleeping in their beds

so much cute. I cannot. I cannot even.

Best two minutes and fifty three seconds of my day so far 



Understanding Color

23 minutes of all the important bits of color theory. Man, I so could’ve used this when I was in college.




this is the fifth result on youtube for “safety dance”


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